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Choose your specific vehicle or from our class of cars available.  Specific cars inventory are more restricted and pricing reflects supply & demand.  Class of cars rentals allow more available options and any vehicle in that class will be provided based on availability.

Classes of vehicles










A lock box is on every rental for you to access keys.

You can choose to pick and drop off from one single location, like our fun car lot at 1613 Ronald Dr (for no additional cost) or from the available options:

Pick Up 

Fun Car Lot ($0)

RDU airport (+$25)

Within 10 mile radius of Fun Car Lot (+$15)

Wwithin 20 mile radius of Fun Car Lot (+$25)

Drop Off 

Fun Car Lot ($0)

RDU airport (+$25)

Within 10 mile radius of Fun Car Lot (+$15)

Within 20 mile radius of Fun Car Lot (+$25)


Date & Time

All daily rates are based on a full 24 hour period.  Half days are priced at 24 hour rate.

Pick Up 

Choose your pick up DATE and choose pick up TIME for that day.  Price is calculated based on your choices

Drop Off

Choose your drop off DATE and choose drop off  TIME for that day.  Price is calculated based on your choices

For trips over 15 days, request a quote to get the best rate.


984.269.2670 or funcarsnc@gmail.com
Drivers License | 25 years of age or older | Liability and collision insurance | credit/debit/prepaid card | Refundable $250 deposit (returned at time of return if car in agreeable condition)
Call 911. Check for injuries; make sure you’ and your passengers are OK Follow the law about moving your car – or not. Know NC state laws Use your hazard lights to alert other drivers you are stopped Call 911 – give dispatcher all the details of the accident Exchange information with the drivers involved: Record what happen: cause, location; photos; witness(s) of accident Place an accident report: Download Crash Report @ NC DOT website; https://www.ncdot.gov/dmv/downloads/Pages/crash-report.aspx Notify your insurance provider Notify Fun Cars’ 984-269-7260 Then call Rent Fun Cars Office to report accident. Record what happened, take pictures, ask for copy of accident report and obtain other driver's information.
No smoking in cars (or despot money will be applied) | return the vehicle on time, if running late call the office | take photos of gas level/odometer and vehicle body if you want record of how you returned the car | Gas level should read the same as point of pick up | Don’t speed, drive drunk, or drowsy | Avoid distractions (texting, calls, eating, etc.) | Return the vehicle in same condition as when picked up | Take belongings with you at end of rental | Place keys in lockbox | Return vehicle to designated drop off location | If a problem occurs, call the office
*There is a $50.00 charge to remove pet hair/smoke/call a locksmith

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